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NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout - R6C

The NCR FastLane SelfServ R6C delivers an innovative design that enables you to easily convert from a self-checkout lane to an assisted lane in seconds by rotating the display and scanner module by 180 degrees.

This capability is ideal for peak times throughout the week or during periods of seasonal demand.Additionally, a smaller checkout footprint saves valuable selling space or gives you room to accommodate additional lanes. In addition, more effective cash management with advanced global cash and coin recycling capabilities means your associates spend less time managing cash and have more time to dedicate to customer-facing activities.

R6C offers the latest in c-store self-checkout technology: Robust cash management functionality including global cash and coin recycling, high-capacity recycler and support for nine coin denominations Supports industry-standard payment methods, including contactless

Features & Benefits

Touch Screen Interface-Projected Capacitive (10-point multi-touch)

Global coin recycling with 9 denominations and bulk acceptance

High capacity note recycling with bunch note acceptance

Enhanced cash management capabilities

Compatible with most industry-standard payment devices including contactless

Credit and debit only configuration available

Credit/Debit Card payments through POS

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows POSReady 2009, Windows POSReady 7, Windows 7, Windows 10, LINUX

Native Resolution: 1024x768

Processor: Intel Core i3 – 4350T Dual core processor, Intel Celeron – 1820T Dual core processor

Motherboard:Intel Q87 Express Chipset

Memory:DDR3 4GB, DDR3 8GB, DDR3 16GB

Display: 15” LED Projected Capacitive Touchscreen 4:3, 1024x768


Easy to use, Multi - Language support

Drive digital customers into the store while reducing lines

Free up staff to serve and sell.

Cost effective

We’ll identify your needs and enhance your business growth.


INFINITAS is an IT solution provider with exclusive and advance partnership of NCR in India for Financial Technology and Retail Technology Solutions.

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