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Give your customers more ways to order - Keep up with the way your customers want to interact with your brand. From tableside to order-ahead to mobile and self-ordering kiosks, the NCR Aloha platform can be used across multiple devices. You'll reduce wait times, improve order accuracy and keep your kitchen running smoothly while keeping your customers happy.

More restaurants use—and train their staff on—Aloha POS. Front of the house, back of the house and off-premise, it connects all your operations in a single, intuitive platform that keeps your business fast, efficient and responsive so you can adapt to your customers’ preferences and serve the best experience. We’ll even take care of your hardware and maintenance.

NCR / Aloha POS is the all-in-one solution that will improve your guests' experience, grow your business, allow you to serve and manage with no boundaries, and enhance your operation with robust hardware and software designed specifically for restaurants. We understand your needs because we understand restaurants.

Core Restaurant POS Solution

Aloha POS

Restaurant POS Systems

Guest and Table Management

Handheld Devices

IT Estate Management

Mobile POS

NCR Sticky Media

Restaurant Payment Processing

Restaurant Payments

Restaurant POS Terminals

Takeout & Delivery

Data and Analytics

Business Intelligence

We’ll identify your needs and enhance your business growth.


INFINITAS is an IT solution provider with exclusive and advance partnership of NCR in India for Financial Technology and Retail Technology Solutions.

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