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The application software is designed specifically to interact with users and provide the kiosk functionality, while the system software protects the application. The kiosk system software wraps around the application, rendering all else inaccessible to users, while providing kiosk managers access to the entire system with a passcode, mouse sequence or key combination.
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This way, the system replaces the look and feel of the system it runs over, allowing for customization and limited offering of ad-hoc services. Kiosk software locks down the application in order to protect the kiosk from users which is specially relevant under, but not only limited to, scenarios where the device is publicly accessed such libraries, vending machines or public transport. Kiosk software may offer remote monitoring to manage multiple kiosks from another location. An Email or text alerts may be automatically sent from the kiosk for daily activity reports or generated in response to problems detected by the software. Other features allow for remote updates of the kiosk's content and the ability to upload data such as kiosk usage statistics. This is a popular choice for a large number of self service, touch screen and kiosk applications, due to the maturity and diversity of support for hardware devices.

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There are two types of kiosk software: application software and system software. The application software is designed specifically to interact with users and provide the kiosk functionality, while the system software secures the application. Kiosk system software, such as i-Genio, ensures that your application is secured and always running, preventing misuse and allowing kiosks to remain unattended. Specifically, kiosk system software protects the application by blocking users from reaching the operating system or desktop and restricting browser use.

Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows 10.

i-Genio makes it ridiculously easy to securely deploy your Application on a public facing kiosk.

Whatever the situation, the software Support team has you covered with Quick Start Guides and User Guides, online User Forums, FAQs, and more. If your Maintenance & Support is current, you also have access to expedited phone and email support as well as software upgrades and updates.

The benefits of utilizing kiosk software apply to both the user and deployer, mostly focusing on security. On the user’s end, kiosk software protects their data and activity on the kiosk so the next user does not have access to their private information. On the deployer’s side, kiosk system software prevents downtime, protects user privacy, and secures the application, browser, and OS. Kiosk system software is also useful in producing usage statistics and survey data, and supports the management of multiple kiosks through remote monitoring and content updating.

Simply put, kiosk management is the ability to remotely maintain and monitor your kiosks. With kiosk management tools like KioCloud, you can view usage statistics, update content, create reports, monitor kiosk health, and more – all without being on site with each deployed kiosk.

I-Genio is used with client-side kiosk software that locks down your deployed kiosks to a particular Software application, restricting users to only allowed/permitted activities and actions. With client side kiosk software, you can secure your kiosks and then manage those kiosks remotely with I-Genio.

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