Technical Partners

Our Technical Partners

Kastus® and Infinitas announce Partnership

Kastus has a wide range of applications, from ceramic facades to wearable touchscreens and devices.Kastus® are global surface technology innovators, we make surface coatings that enhance lives and add value for our business partners.

Paybyface Our Partners & Resellers

Innovative Cashless Payment Processing Carrying your debit and credit cards everywhere you go can easily be lost or stolen.Once you setup your PayByFace account you no longer need to carry your phone, cards or cash! Simply use our proprietary cardless payment merchant kiosk device directly at the store and just use your face recognition to purchase stuff at participating merchants around town.


We harness sound energy to create powerful & intuitive experiences between people & devices

Infinitas associates with Intel IoT Alliance

Infinitas global alliance with Intel® for all high end IoT solutions. This added values in delivering enhanced solutions by Infinitas in various lines of businesses like Telecoms, Banking, Retails, Hospitalities and many more. With the high end Intel® IoT solutions, Infinitas not only benefited in productivity, speed, accuracy to enhance ROIs but built huge confidence, trust and healthy relationships with the partners and end users.

DG Infotech

We provide convenient, reliable, and cost-effective point-of-sale solutions and technology services for industries across the GCC.With partners like HP and Zebra, Pioneer Informatics (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Infinitas, we enable businesses with hassle-free solutions facilitating speedy checkouts for customers and empower the workforce with real time and mobile information.


Easy2Touch International LLC Dubai is an integrated IT solution provider based in UAE dedicated to providing information technology based business solutions to the retail and hospitality.